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China Joins the CEM Solar and Wind Working Group at CEM8

Friday, June 23, 2017

At the eighth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM8) in Beijing, China and Brazil joined the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Multilateral Solar and Wind Working group. China also announced that it would join Germany and Denmark as co-lead of the two CEM campaigns initiated by the Working Group: the Corporate Sourcing for Renewables Campaign (launched at the seventh Clean Energy Ministerial) and the Advanced Power Plant Flexibility Campaign (launched at CEM8). 

China made these announcements in relation to a CEM8 side event organized by the Working Group. The event provided an update on the most recent developments for cost-minimising wind and solar projects and showcased, through a topical long-term scenario study, how to optimise the value of wind and solar efficiently in an energy system context. Participants discussed how these insights can be used to accelerate the clean energy transition on a global scale. 

The side event opened with a keynote speech from Lars Lilleholt, Denmark’s Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate. It continued with presentations from Germany, Mexico, DONG Energy, China National Renewable Energy Center (CNREC), Agora Energiwende, and the Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute of China (EPEEI), and a panel discussion with participation from Germany, International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency, (the Danish TSO), and China (NEA). Then, participants, including governments, energy companies, and international partners, discussed how new trends can be used to accelerate the clean energy transition on a global scale and strategically optimize the Working Group’s current and future projects leading to the ninth Clean Energy Ministerial, to be hosted in Denmark and Sweden in late May 2018. 

Presentations from the side event are available for download: 

Solar Power Plants in Emerging Markets: The Success of Efficient Tendering and Subsidy Control 
Efrain VillaNueva Arcos, SENER Mexico  

Offshore Wind Power Plants: The Road to Subsidy-free Offshore Wind
Matthias Bausenwein, DONG Energy 

Integrating wind and solar in large grids: Insights from an analysis with a focus on the Central Western European power market
Markus Steigenberger, Agora Energiewende 

Maximizing the Value of Solar and Wind – The Chinese Case Towards 2050
Tao Ye, Energy Research Institute, NDRC, China National Renewable Energy Center

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