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Sweden Challenges Other Countries to Join the Global Lighting Challenge

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Advanced lighting systems will help Sweden reduce its lighting energy usage as part of the Global Lighting Challenge.
On 3 May, Minister Ibrahim Baylan launched Belysningsutmaningen, Sweden’s commitment to the Global Lighting Challenge. Together with public and private actors, the Swedish government now races to reduce by half the electricity demand for lighting by 2020 and challenges other countries to follow suit.

The launch event took place in the Prime Minister’s offices in Stockholm and was webcast to actors all over the country. At the launch, Minister Baylan handed over a formal government assignment to Erik Brandsma, Director General at the Swedish Energy Agency, to co-ordinate concrete actions to realize the potential to reduce by half the electricity used for lighting in Sweden by 2020—electricity that could be used for other purposes, such as electrifying the vehicle fleet.

To be successful in this endeavor, broad support from the public and private sector is necessary. Minister Baylan therefore met with several actors ahead of the launch to inform them about the Global Lighting Challenge and to learn more about how different actors have benefited from switching to more efficient lighting systems and solutions.

A clear conclusion from the talks is that there are multiple benefits. Not only does energy efficient lighting save energy and money, but the evolution of the lighting markets has brought greater knowledge about how we can use lighting in both outdoor and indoor environments, such as schools, hospitals, offices and hotels. At the launch, Swedish experts demonstrated examples of how efficient lighting solutions have been integrated in these environments.

At the launch on 3 May, four new commitments were made official. The National Property Board and the Swedish Fortifications Agency, which share responsibility for all central government buildings, committed to increasing the rate at which lighting in their facilities is replaced. The newly established National Agency for Public Procurement also committed to additional activities related to the procurement of efficient quality lighting. Finally, Örebrobostäder, a local tenant owner, joined Belysningsutmaningen by promising to initiate additional activities and to serve as a testbed for best practices. IKEA and Aura Light had already joined the Global Lighting Challenge before 3 May.

In addition, a long list of public and private actors endorsed Belysningsutmaningen and the challenge to reduce by half the electricity demand for lighting in Sweden by 2020. Any actors that would like to sign up for the challenge may now submit their commitments and support at

With the launch, Sweden’s work to accelerate the lighting revolution has officially started, and we now challenge other countries to follow suit.

A recording of the 3 May launch event is available online.

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