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The Clean Energy Ministerial: Implementation and Increasing Ambition Beyond Paris

CEM initiatives and campaigns to be highlighted at COP21

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Over the first two weeks of December, representatives from virtually every nation in the world will gather in Paris, France, for the 21st United Nations climate conference (COP21). Over the past year in the lead-up to the conference, nations have been putting forward their pledges and contributions, which together will begin to tackle climate change and set the world on a low-carbon pathway. While this road to Paris has been critical to enable an agreement to be reached, the road from Paris will be equally important. It will require sustained innovation, collaboration, smart policies, and global leadership for many years to come. And it will require a global transition to clean energy.

As an implementation forum, the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) will be critically important not just to help countries deliver on their respective clean energy goals, but also to build confidence and the capacity to increase ambition even further over time.

Several events at COP21 will feature the role of the CEM as an implementation forum, highlighting real-world results from CEM initiatives and launching new efforts to prioritize areas of significant impact. Many of these efforts will also include partnerships with other organizations as well as engagement with the private sector.

Dates, times, and locations remain subject to change. Scroll down to learn more about each.

  • Efficiency for Access (E4A) Coalition:
    Monday, 7 December, appx. 14:00, Le Bourget – Blue Zone
    Enabling access to enhanced energy services beyond basic lighting for off-grid populations
  • CEM Global Lighting Challenge:
    Monday, 7 December, appx. 16:00, Le Bourget – Blue Zone
    Formal launch of a campaign to deploy 10 billion high-efficiency bulbs
  • Industry Energy Efficiency Action Pledge:
    Monday, 7 December, appx. 16:30, Le Bourget – Blue Zone
    Speeding adoption of the ISO 50001 international energy management system standard
  • Energy Day Closing Session:
    Monday, 7 December, appx. 18:00, Le Bourget – Blue Zone
    Highlighting key CEM initiatives, including the Clean Energy Solutions Center, to help countries achieve clean energy goals
  • The Clean Energy Ministerial – Implementation and Increasing Ambition Beyond Paris:
    Tuesday, 8 December, appx. 11:15, U.S. Center – Blue Zone
    Featuring the role of CEM as an implementation forum to help countries put in place effective clean energy policies and programs
  • Toward Zero Carbon Transport:
    8 December, appx. 13:30, Dutch Pavilion – Blue Zone
    Accelerating adoption of zero-carbon transport 

Efficiency for Access (E4A) Coalition

The E4A Coalition is a new collaborative effort between the CEM’s Global LEAP initiative and the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative to catalyze markets for super-efficient off-grid appliances and income-generating equipment that can enable access to enhanced energy services beyond basic lighting. The Coalition would be launched during a panel discussion on energy access and feature initial funding commitments, including from governments, foundations, donors, and development banks.

Super-efficient end-use technologies are a critical companion to broader energy access efforts by enabling maximum benefit from a limited and often expensive supply of electrons in off-grid contexts. The overarching goal is to mobilize funding to support the development and deployment of super-efficient end-use technologies to help achieve the goal of universal access to enhanced energy services by 2030.

Date: 7 December
Time: 14:00
Location: Le Bourget – Blue Zone

CEM Global Lighting Challenge

The CEM Global Lighting Challenge is a race to reach cumulative global sales of 10 billion high-efficiency, high-quality, and affordable advanced lighting products, such as light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, as quickly as possible. The Challenge brings together and elevates efforts to promote efficient lighting policies including the CEM’s Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative and Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP), United Nations Environment Programme and Global Environment Facility’s en.lighten initiative, International Finance Corporation’s Lighting Global, and International Energy Agency’s Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment Solid State Lighting Annex. This event during Energy Day will act as the formal Challenge launch and feature announcements from ministers, mayors, CEOs, and funders making commitments to accelerate LED deployment. Learn more about the Global Lighting Challenge at

Date: 7 December
Time: 16:00
Location: Le Bourget – Blue Zone

Industry Energy Efficiency Action Pledge

The Industry Energy Efficiency Action Pledge is an international collaboration between CEM and the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) to drive implementation of the ISO 50001 international energy management system standard as a key strategy for meeting national and international energy and climate goals. Canada, Mexico, and the United States are leading this effort and invite other governments and companies to pledge commitments to implement the ISO 50001 standard. This effort will be featured as part of the Energy Efficiency Global Movement sectoral panel discussion during the section on Industry.

Date: 7 December
Time: 16:30
Location: Le Bourget – Blue Zone

Energy Day Closing Session

The Energy Day closing session will feature key players that can influence the global energy agenda in 2016. Speakers are expected to include the World Bank President, Denmark as the President of the UN General Assembly, the head of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Morocco as host of COP22, and U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, among others. U.S. Secretary Moniz’s remarks will highlight the implementation role of the CEM post-COP and key CEM initiatives, such as the Clean Energy Solutions Center, that can be critical tools for countries as they work to achieve their clean energy goals. Learn more about the Clean Energy Solutions Center at

Date: 7 December
Time: 18:00
Location: Le Bourget – Blue Zone

The Clean Energy Ministerial: Implementation and Increasing Ambition Beyond Paris

This event will feature the role of the CEM as an implementation forum to help countries put in place effective clean energy policies and programs to achieve their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). U.S. Energy Secretary Moniz will highlight key achievements of the CEM and be joined by a panel of other CEM ministers who will highlight their own countries’ roles in the CEM. Secretary Moniz will also highlight the upcoming seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7), which will be hosted by the United States in the spring of 2016.

Date: 8 December
Time: 11:15
Location: U.S. Center – Blue Zone 

Toward Zero Carbon Transport

Toward Zero Carbon Transport is a joint endeavor among a number of global initiatives – the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI), International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (ZEV Alliance), the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC), Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI), the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE), Kingdom of the Netherlands, UN Environment Program–UN Habitat, and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Low Emission Vehicle Network – to highlight the readiness of electric-drive vehicles (EVs), together with clean energy deployment, to contribute to greenhouse gas reductions. This event will feature leading international organizations, national and subnational governments, and private sector leaders showcasing commitments to advance EVs and communicating efforts to accelerate deployment through concerted policy development and expanded knowledge sharing.

Date: 8 December
Time: 13:30
Location: Dutch Pavilion – Blue Zone

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