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Clean Energy Ministerial 6 (CEM6) 

27–28 May 2015, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

Accelerating Energy Productivity


Contrary to the perception that efficiency policies and industrial development are necessarily in conflict, this roundtable will explore how governments and industry can work together to spur innovation and deliver more energy services while cutting energy waste.  Accelerating energy productivity–getting more GDP from each unit of energy consumed–helps to grow economies and create jobs by making better use of energy resources.

This roundtable seeks to provide participants with an understanding of how energy efficiency technologies and practices as well as energy efficiency policies are helping to increase the energy productivity of economies around the world.  (Energy productivity is defined as the amount of GDP created per each unit of energy consumed.)  The session will highlight actions and policies that boost energy productivity, identify sectors and areas where progress is being made and where additional opportunities exist.

The discussion will draw attention to businesses that have improved the efficiency of their processes and their products, contributing to improved energy productivity. Participants will also identify how, through public-private collaboration, local and national governments can establish effective policies and businesses can deliver current technologies to accelerate investment in energy efficiency and the achievement of benefits. Desirable outcomes include recognition of regional concepts that have the potential to bring countries together working on similar regional goals in the context of the Clean Energy Ministerial or other relevant efforts and initiatives.

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Discussion Topics

  • How can we articulate the best business case(s) for the investments necessary to drive greater energy productivity?
  • How are different sectors adopting energy management systems and/or other new technologies to increase competitiveness?
  • How can different financial and aid organizations help to drive energy productivity?
  • Which drivers (economic, social, environmental, and political) enhance energy productivity in the more energy-intensive sectors?
  • What are the lessons learned from industry efforts to increase productivity that could be applicable to governments trying to improve their energy use?
  • How can governments engage with domestic firms to replicate innovative strategies and capture the shared benefits of increased energy productivity?
  • What are some examples of public policies that have boosted energy productivity in the public and/or private sectors? How can policy makers and relevant stakeholders use regulations (such as building energy codes, appliances standards and labels) to increase energy productivity and create local jobs?
  • How can investor organizations with industrial partnerships setting energy efficiency/productivity goals interact with the CEM energy efficiency pillar?