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Energy Ministers to Gather in Seoul on 12–13 May for the Fifth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM5)

Under the theme of “Act Together, Think Creative,” CEM5 will focus on accelerating the transition to a global clean energy economy

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Energy Ministers to Gather in Seoul on 12–13 May for the Fifth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM5)

Under the theme of "Act Together, Think Creative, ministers from more than 20 of the world's leading economies will gather for the fifth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM5) on 12-13 May in Seoul, Korea.

Energy ministers and other high-level delegates from more than 20 of the world’s leading economies will gather in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 12–13 May for the fifth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM5). The ministers will collaborate to identify tangible steps that each government can take, individually and collectively, to generate more rapid progress toward the CEM’s overall goal—accelerating the transition to a global clean energy economy.

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is the only regular meeting of energy ministers at which they exclusively discuss clean energy. The participating governments represent 90% of global clean energy investment and 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the theme “Act Together, Think Creative,” Minister Yoon Sang-Jick of Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy will co-chair the event with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. The discussions will focus on identifying smart policies, programs, and innovative strategies to increase energy efficiency, enhance clean energy supply, and expand energy access. 

In addition, six public-private roundtables will bring together energy ministers, business leaders, and experts from nongovernmental organizations and academia to address key challenges and promote collaboration on topical clean energy issues.

CEM5 Press Conference

At the end of the two-day meeting, a press conference will take place to announce major outcomes.


CEM5 Press Conference


Minister Yoon Sang-Jick from the Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy; Secretary Ernest Moniz from U.S. Department Energy; and other energy ministers from CEM participating governments


Tuesday, 13 May 2014
14:30 KST


Grand Hyatt Hotel, Namsan II
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Other Open-Press Events

Other events taking place during CEM5 that are open press include the following: 

Monday 12 May (all times KST)

09:00–10:15: Welcome and Scene-Setter

  • The International Energy Agency will release the 2014 version of its Tracking Clean Energy Progress report and present the report’s findings. 
  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance will present clean energy investment trends around the world.

16:30–17:30: Roundtable Panel Discussions 

  • Each of the six public-private roundtables will present outcomes from their discussions.

17:30–17:40: Model CEM Presentation

  • University students participating in the Model CEM program will present their final “Joint Declaration on Creating a Clean Energy Society” to ministers and delegates.

17:40–18:30: Awards Ceremony

  • Winners of the ISGAN Award of Excellence, the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal, and the Global LEAP Off-Grid TV and Lighting Awards will be recognized. 

10:00–16:00: Clean Energy Ministerial Initiative Showcase

  • The CEM initiatives, under the pillars of Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Supply, Integration, and Human Capacity, will provide information and displays that showcase their work.

Tuesday 13 May (all times KST)

08:30–18:00: Global LEAP PlugFest

  • This off-grid appliance and energy system “PlugFest”—an interoperability testing event—will bring together off-grid engineers and energy access professionals to discuss and work through interoperability challenges and explore ways to collaborate and grow in this dynamic, vital market.


As host of CEM5, Korea will also conduct a press briefing and luncheon:


Korea CEM5 Pre-Brief


Friday, 9 May 2014
11:00–13:00 KST


The Westin Chosun Hotel, 2F Lilac Room
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Media Accreditation

Only accredited journalists and technical staff may access the venues for the open press sections of CEM5. All members of the media wishing to attend any open press section of CEM5 must register with the Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat. 

To register, send an email by close of business on 5 May to Your email must include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your media organization
  • Type of media to be represented: print, photo, radio, TV, film, or online media
  • The open press sections you plan to attend  
  • Email and phone number 

*Photo identification and prior registration will be required to gain access to the CEM5 events. 

Media Contact

Enquiries should be addressed to: 

Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat
Phone: Office +1 202-586-4131, Cell +1 202-230-0485

Enquiries and interview bids for attending delegations should be addressed to their home departments.

For Additional Information

Additional information about CEM5 is available on the Clean Energy Ministerial website at