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Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership (GSEP)

Energy Management Working Group

GSEP’s Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) seeks to accelerate broad use of energy management systems (EnMS) in industry and commercial buildings worldwide. Wide adoption of these systems will deliver energy, economic, and sustainability benefits to companies, communities, and countries around the world.

The EMWG’s 11 member countries share their knowledge and expertise. Together, they identify and evaluate EnMS activities, opportunities, strategies, and best practices—working with industry and others as appropriate.

By sharing their knowledge, expertise, and experience, EMWG members:
  • Advocate for energy management: Demonstrate the value of energy management, raise awareness, and build the business case 
  • Provide assistance on policies and programs: Identify best practices and lessons learned, connect policies to effective supporting programs, and monitor innovative approaches 
  • Develop tools and resources: Fill the gaps among existing resources for preparing the workforce and effectively implementing energy management systems
For more information, see the GSEP Energy Management Working Group Fact Sheet.


Fact sheets are now available for the following EMWG projects:

  • Energy Performance Database: GSEP’s Energy Performance Database will contain data on the costs and benefits of energy management systems across the commercial and industrial building sectors. View fact sheet.
  • EnMS Practitioner’s Toolbox: Currently under development in partnership with the Institute for Industrial Productivity, this toolbox will contain a practical suite of proven and cost-effective tools, measures, and activities to improve energy efficiency through effective energy management. View fact sheet.
  • ISO50001 Auditor Scheme: GSEP is working on establishing a consensus-based, internationally relevant certification scheme for ISO 50001 Auditors that will result in greater consistency and higher value in the implementation of ISO 50001. View fact sheet.


Participating governments include Australia, Canada, Denmark, the European Commission, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States [Secretariat].

Through collective action, these countries individually:

  • Learn from each other
  • Obtain implementation data
  • Access proven tools and resources
  • Advance domestic training to develop the workforce
  • Help meet national goals for energy, climate, and competitiveness

Case Studies

Six GSEP energy management case studies are available:

Read case study news items:

In addition, the Institute for Industrial Productivity has produced three energy management case studies, one of which features 3M Canada, a GSEP participant.


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