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Clean Energy Solutions Center Brochure

Clean Energy Solutions Center Brochure
Tuesday, April 01, 2014




The Clean Energy Solutions Center helps governments design and adopt policies and programs that support the deployment of transformational low-carbon technologies. The Solutions Center serves as a first-stop clearinghouse of online clean energy resources—including policy best practices, data, and analysis tools—and shares these resources with a global forum of energy experts, policy makers, and other stakeholders. The Solutions Center offers online training, “live” expert assistance, and peer-to-peer learning to help countries tailor solutions to their needs and foster international collaboration on policy innovations.



The Clean Energy Solutions Center seeks to become a trusted first stop for clean energy policy makers.

  • The Solutions Center is designed to act as a clearinghouse of high-quality clean energy policy and deployment information and to provide expert assistance, peer forums, and trainings through a virtual platform, bringing a broad network of policy makers together remotely to work on clean energy solutions.

  • The Solutions Center is also designed to be flexible, developing and evolving according to the needs of its users. Regular feedback is encouraged to achieve these goals.

For more information, visit the Clean Energy Solutions Center website (, or view the Clean Energy Solutions Center activities page or fact sheet.