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CEM and the Private Sector - Unisun

Clean Energy Ministerial fully recognises the essential role of the private sector and seeks to leverage its expertise, influence, and capital. The private sector partners; chosen for their visionary work, innovative solutions and ambitious approaches, are encouraged to provide high-level policy input as well as practical expertise and to participate directly in the technical work of the CEM.

Unisun Energy (Wuxi Unisun Energy Co.,Ltd.) is committed worldwide to the realisation of sustainable energy projects and the production of clean,environmentally-friendly power.

Watch now how Unisun works with the Clean Energy Ministerial to accelerate the clean energy transition.

"At Unisun, we are bringing our mission and the responsibility more in line with national policies and the goals of the Clean Energy Ministerial, actively promoting the transition and the development of clean energy. We are sharing our experience with everyone and through the CEM, we are involved in active cooperation and partnerships around the world.”  Yisha He, Chair, Unisun Energy Group.

The headquarters of the company are located in Wuxi (province of Jiangsu), the capital city of the Chinese photovoltaics industry. In addition, it has branches and subsidiaries in Shanghai,Beijing,Hongkong,Japan,the USA,Germany,Romania and Poland.

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