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International Workshop on Energy Efficient Cooling, New Delhi, India

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International Workshop on Energy Efficient Cooling
New Delhi, India

Cooling is essential to wellbeing, food and medicine preservation, industrial manufacturing, sustainable agriculture and economic growth. It is a critical component of sustainable urbanisation and rural development. The energy demand of space cooling, cooling of vehicles, and cold chain cooling is expected to surge at a dramatic rate. Current rates of energy efficiency gains are insufficient to dent this growth, there is a need for urgent action and innovation to develop and deploy new technologies, systems and business models.  This 1.5-day workshop will explore policies, technologies, innovation, new approaches and business models that can accelerate progress on energy efficient cooling across sectors and systems. 




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12 December (1.30 PM - 6 PM)


Session 1: Low energy cold chains and rural cooling perspectives and technologies 


This session will identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and sustainability of cold chains, explore the roles of different stakeholders and showcase pilot projects and best practices. It will discuss how policies and measures can accelerate development and deployment of innovative technologies and systems.


Session 2: Space cooling perspectives, technologies and innovations


This session will focus on space cooling and will explore state of the art technology and discuss issues that need to be considered in promoting efficient and innovative solutions and opportunities for accelerating energy efficiency. It will explore the role of digitalisation in enabling energy efficient technologies, solutions and behaviours.


13 December (9.30 AM - 5.30 PM)


Inaugural session 


This scene-setting session will provide the context for the workshop by giving an overview of the challenges that surging cooling demand across sectors poses for the climate, environment and energy systems highlighting the need for systematic approaches and urgent action.


Session 3: Towards energy efficient and sustainable cooling 


The session will highlight progress on the development and implementation cooling action plans, policies and programmes. The session will explore the role of standards and labels, initiatives to stimulate innovation and integrated approaches to accelerate the development and deployment of energy efficient and sustainable cooling technologies. It will discuss pre-requisites for the development of effective policies and programmes.


Session 4: Efficient cooling systems


This session will provide insights on the impacts of cooling on electricity systems and discuss effective approaches to manage cooling energy demand and explore integrated approaches and district cooling.


Session 5: New business models and finance


This session will focus on the role of finance, removing up-front investment barriers and new business models. It will explore the role of finance and mechanisms to stimulate the demand for energy efficient cooling. It will provide insights into opportunities for the financial community to stimulate the development of efficient solutions.


Session 6: Steps to accelerate progress 


This session will focus on identifying actions and steps necessary to accelerate the development and uptake of efficiency and sustainable cooling solutions. It will discuss actions needed in the short, medium and long term across the whole value chain and provide insights into opportunities including for further international collaboration to fast track progress.