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How to get involved in the CEM

The CEM is currently the only regular meeting of energy ministers at which they exclusively discuss clean energy. The CEM also engages other ministries that play an important role in clean energy in some governments, such as ministries of science and technology or economics. The CEM also builds on and informs existing multilateral technical and policy work in cooperation with institutions such as the International Energy Agency, International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation, and International Renewable Energy Agency. The CEM’s unique focus on clean energy and the broad set of participating ministers make it an especially promising forum for collaboration.

The CEM encourages robust involvement by key private-sector partners (including both industry and nongovernmental organizations). These partners are encouraged to provide high-level policy input that is gathered at each ministerial meeting and to participate directly in the technical work of the initiatives themselves. Involvement by the private sector is essential to ensure that the CEM’s full potential is realized.

To find out more - please contact directly the CEM Secretariat or country leads.