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Congratulations to the 2019 award winners! The CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards celebrate leading organizations that use the global ISO 50001 energy management system standard to attain enduring improvement in energy performance.


In 2019, the CEM’s Energy Management Working Group is honoring 32 organizations with facilities in 19 countries/regions. Each of these organizations shared valuable insights on the best practices, successes, and other benefits achieved by meeting the ISO 50001 standard in one or more facilities. 


Award recipients are listed below, along with their case studies.* View the press release. Meet the energy management experts who served as our 2019 judges. See Global ISO 50001 Achievements: Reducing costs, energy use, and CO2 emissions around the world for highlights on each award recipient - and to view the full list of winners by sector or by country/region.


Award of Excellence Winners

On 29 May 2019, these four companies will receive the top honor, the Award of Excellence in Energy Management, at the CEM10 meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:



3M facility
Energy as a 3M competitive advantage.


3M expanded its ISO 50001 expertise and certification from two initial plants in 2011 (pilot study) to 30 sites in seven countries as part of its global enterprise model. Over three years, the 30 sites improved their collective energy performance by 4.5%—reducing energy use by more than 1.9 million GJ, cutting emissions by 330,000 tons (carbon dioxide equivalent), and lowering energy costs by USD 13.5 million.


Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives

assembly line
First organization in Oman to implement an ISO 50001 energy management system (EnMS).


Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives S.A.O.C (AVOD), the first company in Oman to achieve ISO 50001 certification, used its ISO 50001-certified EnMS to reduce natural gas use 23% and electricity use 11% over a one-year performance period. The plant installed energy meters; trained and engaged staff members; made simple changes in daily operations; and installed more energy efficient motors, pumps, and variable frequency drives.


JK Tyre & Industries, Ltd.

First Tire Company in Asia certified for ISO 50001 and second in the World.


JK Tyre & Industries, Ltd. of India saved nearly USD 1.8 million over a six-year period as its Chennai Plant gained certification and recertification to ISO 50001. By identifying the pieces of equipment that use the most energy, the plant prioritized opportunities for energy savings. In addition to using more renewable energy, the plant installed devices that alert staff to even slight increases in energy use and upgraded multiple systems to reduce both energy and water demand.


PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur

The first and the only fertilizer plant certified ISO 50001 in Southeast Asia.


PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur in Indonesia has certified two plants to ISO 50001. As the largest fertilizer company in Southeast Asia, the company supplies more than six million tons of product to domestic and foreign markets. The EnMS system led the state-owned company to upgrade operations and equipment at the two plants to save more than 866,000 GJ and USD 3.9 million in energy costs. An internal award for energy-saving innovations has led to two patents.


Insight Award Recipients

The following 28 organizations received Energy Management Insight Awards for helping to build awareness of ISO 50001 and contributing to global knowledge of energy management implementation.


*All case studies are published as received. Any content included in the case studies does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the Clean Energy Ministerial, the Energy Management Working Group, or any of their respective members.

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