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Congratulations to the 2021 award winners! The CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards celebrate leading organizations that use the global ISO 50001 energy management system (EnMS) standard to attain enduring improvement in energy performance.


In 2021, the CEM’s Energy Management Leadership Awards are honoring four companies with the top Award of Excellence in Energy Management and recognizing another 28 organizations with the distinguished Energy Management Insight Award. Both groups of awardees do more than use energy management systems to cost-effectively save energy and cut emissions—they help raise global awareness of the associated economic and sustainability benefits.


Award recipients are listed below, along with their case studies.* See Global ISO 50001 Achievements: Reducing costs, energy use, and CO2 emissions for highlights on each award recipient. Meet the energy management experts who served as our 2021 judges.


Award of Excellence Winners

Abastible S.A., an energy solutions market leader, implemented its first EnMS at the Lenga plant, one of the company’s main facilities, with the goal of reducing energy intensity 1% each year, year over year. The company also developed an innovative savings and emissions reduction service that uses Blockchain technology to provide stakeholders with transparency about energy savings methods and emissions reductions achieved—7,870 kilograms of CO2 equivalent in one year. Abastible facility
Dubai Municipality has jurisdiction over city services and the upkeep of facilities in the emirate of Dubai. The municipality has several office buildings that are intermittently occupied, presenting an opportunity to decrease energy use. Energy reduction approaches focused on controlling the HVAC, a dominant energy consumer, and converting lighting systems to LEDs. Since the energy management system’s launch in 2012, the projects have saved over 20,000 gigajoules of energy and USD 688,903 in energy costs. Dubai facility
JW Marriott Washington, DC, a luxury hotel that is part of the Marriott International, Inc., chain, first achieved ISO 50001 in 2013 and was recertified in 2016. Top management are directly involved in monitoring data provided through the EnMS to gauge energy use and make adjustments to ensure progress. Management also appointed a hotel energy team that incorporates representatives from all major departments, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach that has saved over 9,500 gigajoules of energy and USD 221,551 of energy costs over three years. Marriott
Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club, a 36-hole standard tournament golf course, established an ISO 50001 EnMS in 2013 and, since then, has reduced electricity consumption by 22% and LPG consumption by 54%, with associated energy cost savings of USD 1,428,565. Operational adjustments account for most of these savings, but the club has also undertaken significant projects such as installing heat pump technology and replacing a gas-based hot water system. These efforts were initiated after energy reviews identified these heating systems as significant energy users. Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club


Insight Award Recipients

The following 28 organizations received Energy Management Insight Awards for helping to build awareness of ISO 50001 and contributing to global knowledge of energy management implementation.

*All case studies are published as received. Any content included in the case studies does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the Clean Energy Ministerial.

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