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CEM Investment and Finance Initiative (CEM-IF)

The CEM Investment and Finance initiative (CEM-IF) aims to support energy ministries of CEM countries in developing policies and enabling frameworks conducive to mobilizing investment and financing, particularly from private sources, for deployment of clean energy at scale. It seeks to address issues across the value chain, with a focus on “upstream” policies and regulations that influence the attractiveness of clean energy investments as well as the supply of finance to realize them, plus “downstream” business and financing models, risk mitigation and transactional tools that can facilitate development and financing of investable projects. It aims to create a unique partnership model, bringing together diverse capabilities and insights of governments, technical partners, public and commercial financial institutions, investors and industry.

Key Activities

The Initiative aims to address this through 3 channels, recognizing that the intensity of collaboration and support will depend on funding and in-kind contributions from different sources as wells as the availability of relevant expertise and support from CEM governments and partner organisations.


1. Peer Exchange and Outreach

  • Creating a forum for peer-to-peer exchange of lessons learned and best practice across the clean energy investment and finance value chain;
  • Enhancing engagement with investors and the private sector and empowering policymakers to achieve clean energy goals in an integrated manner through interaction with other government entities – e.g. finance ministries, public financial institutions and state-owned enterprises;
  • Responding to demand from other CEM initiatives and campaigns, providing cross-cutting support to investment and financing issues.


2. Knowledge Development and Dissemination

  • Conducting robust analysis and monitoring that advance understanding of investment and financing trends in clean energy and provide a benchmark for policy development;
  • Building and/or disseminating state-of-the-art analytical tools and resources that support policy design, and investment facilitation within and across countries;
  • Synthesizing international experiences and best practice for creating the enabling conditions to support investment and innovative solutions to stimulate financing.


3. Technical Cooperation and Capacity Building

  • Responding to requests from CEM member countries on specific investment-related cooperation. Acting as an agent for country-level engagement, including by “connecting the dots” and brokering support provided by a range of partners for policy design, technical assistance and capacity building.

The thematic priorities of the Initiative will be guided by participating CEM governments. Priority themes initially identified and prioritized by the proponent include renewable power, energy efficiency in buildings & industry, and infrastructure (e.g. smart grid) for system integration.


The initiative would build and expand upon the established energy investment work of the CEM countries, the IEA as the initiative Coordinator, and other partner organisations, such as development banks and technical institutions, among others.

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