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6th Meeting of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) Ministers: Moving Beyond the First Wave of CCS Demonstrations


Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum


4 November 2015

This communique reports on a 2015 meeting of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum that focused on moving beyond carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstrations and towards deployment. The communique commends the progress made since 2013, including R&D expansion, greater collaboration, initiation of operations at the world’s first large-scale power sector CCS project and the number of new projects in development. The communique highlights eight key actions that the authors deems necessary for continued progress: policy advocacy, international collaboration, globally coordinated expansion of technical and regulatory capacity, creation of private sector opportunities, creation of policy frameworks, support for industrial CCS, development of common storage and transport infrastructure, and exploration of potential CO2 utilization technology. Additionally, the communique emphasizes the importance of communication and advocacy in engaging stakeholders and the global public.