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Modeling Global Water Use for the 21st Century: The Water Futures and Solutions (WFaS) Initiative and its Approaches


Geoscientific Model Development


Y. Wada

M. Flörke

N. Hanasaki

S. Eisner

G. Fischer

S. Tramberend

Y. Satoh

M. T. H. van Vliet

P. Yillia

C. Ringler

P. Burek

D. Wiberg


21 January 2016

This study assesses the state of the art for estimating and projecting water use regionally and globally in a consistent manner. It provides an overview of different approaches, the uncertainty, strengths and weaknesses of the various estimation methods, types of management and policy decisions for which the current estimation methods are useful. The authors discuss additional information most needed to be able to improve water use estimates and be able to assess a greater range of management options across the water-energy-climate nexus.