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Togo Energy Sector Policy Review: Review of the Electricity Sub-Sector


The World Bank


1 June 2013

Article abstract: “The main objective of this sector work (ESW) is to provide the World Bank and the Government of Togo with a sound basis and proposals for decision-making about the main electricity sub-sector issues facing the country. The ESW therefore assesses the key challenges facing the sub-sector and provides information, analysis and recommendations regarding: 1) the overall energy policy and strategy framework; 2) the institutional and regulatory framework including the necessary reforms within the context of Togo’s regional undertakings; 3) the electricity demand and supply balance including access to electricity services; 4) electricity tariffing; 5) the investment program and the financing requirements; and 6) the utility’s financial situation and the sub-sector financial outlook. The review also summarizes recommendations addressing the key issues facing Togo’s electricity sub-sector. Togo will need to confront several constraints to promote economic recovery and reduce poverty. Weak public sector capacity has become the Government’s most pressing challenge and is hampering the country’s ability to manage the rapidly expanding portfolio of projects funded by the donors, including by the World Bank Group and the private sector. While the private sector’s contribution to economic growth is vital, Togo’s business climate is poor and skills available on the market are not adapted to the demand. This report is based on the information provided, discussions with officials during the April 10-13, 2012 mission to Lome, exchanges with World Bank staff, as well as on the recent reports on Togo’s energy sector.”