CEM Action Fund

At the Global Clean Energy Action Forum (GCEAF) hosted by the United States in Pittsburgh, CEM Members agreed to establish a CEM Action Fund designed to attract new resources for the CEM community and its workstreams. This will fill an important gap in the CEM’s existing resourcing architecture and provide an efficient vehicle to provide larger-scale, multi-workstream, or multi-year support for the CEM.

The Action Fund will be open to government and non-government actors, including business, industry and philanthropies.

ClimateWorks Foundation expressed their support for this new development with Helen Mountford, the President and CEO of ClimateWorks Foundation stating that:

“The CEM provides a powerful platform for accelerating global clean energy collaboration to deliver cleaner, healthier, faster access to energy for people everywhere. By bringing together a wide range of partners, including governments, corporates, civil society, and philanthropy, CEM’s Action Fund will galvanize momentum to achieve even more. ClimateWorks Foundation is delighted to partner with CEM in this catalytic effort to support communities around the world in transforming ambitious climate goals into durable change.”

Please see the attached factsheet and for more information, please contact the CEM Secretariat by emailing