Biofuture Platform

Biofuture Platform


Support the global clean energy transition by raising the visibility of bioenergy as a renewable energy source among ministers, and embark on global outreach and structured, active engagement with the private sector.


Biofuture Platform

Bioenergy is the largest source of renewable energy today, providing heat, power and transport fuels, and has specific applications in sectors such as heavy industry, heavy freight, maritime and aviation.

Further expansion of sustainable bioenergy is key to achieving emissions reductions across all end-use sectors and could bring a host of co-benefits such as increased biodiversity, security of energy supply, improved access to modern energy services, better air quality, economic development and job creation.

The Biofuture Platform Initiative (BfPI) was launched at the 11th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM11) and aims to raise the visibility of international bioenergy activities with governments and ministers in the wider context of clean energy.

The initiative will facilitate public-private collaboration on the commercial scale-up of bioenergy deployment across all sectors, working closely with other programmes, such as the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme, International Renewable Energy Agency, and the Global Bioenergy Partnership.

BfPI was built upon the previously existing Biofuture Platform, which is a 20-country effort established in 2016 under the leadership of Brazil to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low carbon, global bioeconomy. The framework and collaboration fostered under the BfP, serves as the foundation to the activities under the CEM initiative.

The Biofuture Platform seeks to:

  • Raise awareness and understanding among policymakers about the benefits, opportunities and priorities of scaling up sustainable bioenergy worldwide;
  • Promote international collaboration and dialogue between member countries and their policymakers, industry leaders, academia and other stakeholders;
  • Identify the main economic, policy, regulatory and technological barriers to modern bioenergy deployment and explore opportunities to overcome them;
  • Formulate best practices towards the effective evaluation, sharing and promotion of expertise on the sustainability of biomass production across the entire value chain life cycle.




The Biofuture Summit is a high-level conference to bring together the world’s very best in policies, innovation, science and market outlook in the bioenergy and bioeconomy sectors.


More than 640 attendees and 212 speakers from 40 countries participated in the 2020/21 conference, BBEST 2020/21.

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Visit the 2020/21 Biofuture Summit here to watch the event and hear from high-level speakers.

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Close knowledge gaps and promote consensus on issues related to the sustainability of bioenergy and biofuels, and de-risk investments into the use of sustainable biomass.


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How to Join?

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Honoured to be presenting next week at Gupkin University Moscow and sharing our expertise in the field of BioRemedition Technologies.

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