The Energy Management Leadership Awards program is now accepting submissions for the 2024 competition. Any facility or organization holding a current ISO 50001 certificate from an accredited body is encouraged to enter. This prestigious global contest is organized by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) with the goal of raising awareness of ISO 50001-certified energy management systems and the many benefits they provide.

Celebrating its ninth year, the competition has recognized the achievements of organizations with certified energy management systems in 106 economies across 51 sectors—such as cement, iron and steel, chemical manufacturing, municipalities, retailers, healthcare systems, hospitality companies, research institutions, and water/wastewater treatment facilities. Over 270 case studies describe how organizations around the world have used the ISO 50001 standard to achieve energy, economic, and sustainability benefits that boost competitiveness. Award recipients from previous years credit the competition with increasing senior management support for additional energy savings investments.

“The Energy Management Leadership Awards showcase ISO 50001 energy management systems as a critical, practical, highly cost-effective and strategic solution to the pressing global challenges of improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions of greenhouse gas and accelerating decarbonization of the global economy; UNIDO is excited for the launch of the 2024 Energy Management Leadership Awards,” said Ms. Rana Ghoneim, Chief of the Decarbonization and Sustainable Energy Division at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). “In the wake of COP28 and the pledge by 123 governments to work together to double the global annual rate of energy efficiency improvement, increasing and accelerating the global adoption of ISO 50001 energy management systems is needed more than ever. The Energy Management Leadership Awards continues to successfully showcase best efforts of private and public organizations around the world in implementing ISO 50001 as a key solution to fully capture the business benefit of energy efficiency and to support decarbonization strategies in the near, medium and long term. UNIDO is looking forward to engaging with new leading companies and organizations and calls on them to join the Energy Management Leadership Awards community to share their stories, work, challenges, and achievements.”

To enter the competition, interested organizations must submit a structured case study outlining the organization’s energy management experience and the resulting benefits. These case studies allow companies, regardless of their level of familiarity with ISO 50001, to present their unique stories and share any tips or best practices. All submissions are evaluated by an independent panel of acclaimed international experts. The top-scoring entries will receive the prestigious CEM 2024 Award of Excellence in Energy Management, bringing high-profile government recognition and media attention to the organizations that transform the way they use energy. Apart from the Award of Excellence, organizations that submit a qualifying entry will receive an Energy Management Insight Award, recognizing their efforts in showcasing the diverse benefits of energy management systems. Additionally, some governments offer their own national energy management awards to organizations within their respective countries that submit high-ranking CEM case studies.

The flexible ISO 50001 standard provides a business-friendly approach to align corporate objectives with national climate and energy goals. According to CEM analysis, widespread global adoption of ISO 50001 across service and industrial sectors could result in cumulative energy savings of about 105 exajoules by 2030. This translates to saving over USD 700 billion in energy costs and avoiding 6,500 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The projected avoided emissions are equivalent to removing 215 million passenger vehicles from the road each year.

“The CEM is proud to be able to support the common goal of doubling energy efficiency by 2030, as agreed by all UNFCCC Parties at COP28,” said Jean-François Gagné, Head of the CEM Secretariat. “We at the CEM continue to strive towards more collaborative actions to promote energy efficiency as the first fuel: a highly effective—and cost-effective—path to achieving our climate and carbon reduction goals. Through the CEM’s Energy Management Leadership Awards, we look forward to getting inspired by the stories and successes of organizations that are taking concrete action, setting up energy management systems certified to ISO 50001 to improve energy use, cut emissions, and save money!”

The submission deadline is Tuesday, 14 May 2024. Interested parties can visit the CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards website to learn more about the competition rules, entry format, scoring, and recognition. The entries from previous Award of Excellence and Insight Award winners can be viewed on this same page, listed by year under Activities.