New CEM Steering Committee confirmed in Pittsburgh

As part of the Global Clean Energy Action Forum (GCEAF) in Pittsburgh, Ministers confirmed the CEM Steering Committee (SC) for the period of 2022-23, welcoming Brazil and Germany as new members alongside Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, European Commission, India (co-Chair), Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the United States (co-Chair).

The CEM SC provides high-level strategic guidance on an ongoing basis, recognising that the full body of CEM Ministers meet only once a year. It is composed of a rotating subset of CEM Members, including past and future Ministerial hosts. In carrying out this function, it is supported by and provides strategic direction to the CEM Secretariat. SC members are generally envisaged to serve 2-year, renewable terms

SC members are expected to engage actively in SC discussions which include, inter alia, the following:

  • Providing ongoing, strategic assessment for whether the CEM overall and CEM workstreams are on track to deliver on their priorities, are aligned with Ministerial priorities and delivering impactful outcomes.
  • Promoting resources, participation, and leadership for CEM efforts from a full range of CEM Members and, as SC members, leading by example in these areas.
  • Elevating CEM efforts through outreach and communication strategies; ensuring quality control on CEM outcomes, projects, events, and branding.
  • Confirming that the CEM is providing maximum value to CEM Members, including coordinating an independent review and assessment of all CEM workstreams with the CEM Secretariat.
  • Advising and supporting on the identification of Ministerial hosts, providing input on potential decisions and outcomes at annual Ministerial meetings and participating in annual meetings at Ministerial level.
  • Encouraging and identifying opportunities for engagement with clean energy stakeholders, synergies with other international organisations and fora and potential areas for scale-up and prioritisation.