Clean Energy Ministerial expands ambitions with eight new areas of work


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) expanded its ambitions even further today, with members launching eight new areas of work at this year’s Ministerial meeting. This is a clear signal of the diversity and vitality of the CEM, as well as the confidence its members have in its effectiveness as a forum for international action.

These areas of work will be carried out in partnership with the private sector, international organizations, and other stakeholders. They span the clean energy spectrum, ranging in scope from increasing global clean energy investment and finance, using long-term energy scenarios to inform policy-making, increasing gender diversity in the energy sector, and enhancing deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage solutions.

They also include enhancing the overall flexibility of modern power systems, accelerating the cost-efficient deployment of distributed generation solutions, exploring the role of civil nuclear power in integrated energy systems, and furthering regional integration of power systems to enhance efficiencies, decarbonisation and resilience. (See further details on new areas of work in the background information provided below.)

As well, three campaigns whose work focused on the corporate sourcing of renewable energy, enhancing supply-side power system flexibility, and deploying high-efficiency, high-quality, and affordable lighting products successfully concluded at CEM9.

As the world of energy is rapidly changing, the CEM continues to reflect and support those changes, with these new areas of work further driving action and impact in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

What is the CEM?

The Clean Energy Ministerial is a partnership of the world’s key economies working together to advance the deployment of clean energy. Together, they account for approximately 90% of the world’s clean energy investments and 75% of global emissions. The CEM combines an annual high-level Ministerial meeting with year-round technical work through action-driven, transformative clean energy initiatives and campaigns, led by governments and supported through strong partnerships with the private sector, international organizations, and other stakeholders. To find out more, visit:


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