Nice future: Webinar on nuclear-produced hydrogen: Global perspectives on progress

24 March 202212:00:00


Join our panel of leading global experts to hear the latest updates on how nuclear technologies are being harnessed to produce hydrogen around the globe. Learn about new policies and investments that are paving the way for the wide-scale deployment of these technologies.


  • Moderators/Organizers’ Welcome: 
    • Sunita Satyapal, Director of the Fuel Cell Technologies Office, DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, United States – Representing CEM H2I
    • Shannon M. Bragg-Sitton, Director, Integrated Energy & Storage Systems, Idaho National Laboratory, United States – Representing the NICE Future initiative
  • Speakers:
    • Sama Bilbao y Leon, Director General, World Nuclear Association
    • Mohamed Al Braiki, Director of Strategy, Program Management and Excellence, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), United Arab Emirates
    • Giovani Machado, Director of Studies, Energy Research Company, Brazil
    • Nariaki Sakaba, Assistant Principal Researcher of HTGR Development Promotion, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan 
    • Ian Castillo, Head of Directorate – Hydrogen and Tritium Technologies, Canadian National Laboratories, Canada 
    • Jean-Michel Ruggieri, Small Modular Reactor Program Manager, Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, France