Ground-breaking new collaboration involving four CEM workstreams

The below article has been written by ISGAN – International Smart Grid Action Network and a CEM Initiative.

The Clean Energy Ministerial Horizontal Accelerator for Power System Integration of Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure is an innovative new mechanism strengthening the collaboration and capitalising on the synergies between four CEM workstreams involving the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN), 21st Century Power Partnership (21CPP), the Electric Vehicle Initiative (EVI) & the Power System Flexibility (PSF) Campaign. The CEM Horizontal Accelerator is a step towards developing a cross-sectoral and holistic approach to power system integration.

On 21-22 April 2020, the accelerator gathered some 70 international experts from 17 countries across four continents for a two-day interactive workshop on the theme Electric Vehicle and Power Systems Nexus: How to support large-scale adoption and effective integration? The COVID-19 called for arranging a virtual workshop. To enable interaction and knowledge exchange between experts ahead of, during and after the workshop as well as transparent project documentation of results, a digital open innovation platform was set up for use by all participants.

The Horizontal Accelerator represents a concerted effort to unify existing CEM workstreams to produce coherent analysis, conclusions and advice that leverage the singular expertise and outreach of each initiative and campaign. This focused and multi-disciplinary approach to EVs offers new insights into power system integration and sector coupling, guiding the development of a modern and integrated energy system of the future.

Project participants consist of a transdisciplinary group of international experts and sector stakeholders from different levels of government, research and industry with complementary knowledge and insights into the EV – power system nexus.

The insights from the workshop and complementary project activities are now being analysed by experts from the collaborating CEM work streams. The results from this first phase of the Horizontal Accelerator will be presented at the 11th Clean Energy Ministerial meeting and will also inform the IEA-coordinated Global EV Outlook Report and the Status of Power System Transformation Report.

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