IDDI Drives Global Green Procurement with Global Pledge to Procure Green Steel and Cement

9 November Glasgow, Scotland — CEM’s Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (IDDI), launched at CEM12 in June 2021, announces today its first pledge under the initiative– a commitment to drive international collaboration for global decarbonization of heavy industries, the Green Public Procurement (GPP) Principles. 

The United Kingdom, India, Germany, Canada, and the UAE have already pledged to adopt green procurement principles and will work together to develop a set of targets for 2030 to be launched by mid-2022. GPP has a goal of 10 countries participating by 2023. 

Watch the Launch event here

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Read IDDI partner LeadITs Standards and Evaluations for GPP here and the target setting brief for GPP here

Interested in joining IDDI or GPP as a partner company, organization, government, or other group? Contact Rana Ghoneim and Sarbojit Pal 

More about IDDI

The Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative is one of the largest and most diverse coalitions focused on rallying governments and the private sector to help create a transparent and equitable global market for low-carbon industrial materials, starting with steel and cement.

A subtask of IDDI, the Green Public Procurement (GPP) guidelines help governments set ambitious targets for buying near carbon zero products for building roads, bridges, schools and hospitals among others.