Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero campaign

Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero campaign


100% Zero-Emission New Truck and Bus Sales & Manufacturing by 2040

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CALSTART’s Drive to ZeroTM program and campaign aims to accelerate the growth of global zero- and near-zero-emission (ZE) commercial vehicle space, with the aim of ZE technology becoming commercially competitive by 2025 and dominant by 2040 in specific vehicle segments and regions. Drive to Zero is built upon a technology strategy for change called The Beachhead Strategy — a strategy that identifies the commercial vehicle market segments where zero- and near-zero technologies are most likely to succeed and help drive growth in other segments.

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Amazon is launching a #fleet of e-cargo bikes to replace thousands of van deliveries in London.

Amazon is looking to help make more #ZeroEmission deliveries and expand their #ElectricVehicle fleet in coming months to reduce the companies carbon footprint.

Glenore has placed an order for a full #fleet of 23 battery #Electric mining equipment for use in a new project in Canada.

This new electric fleet will help lower costs by decreasing the need for ventilation and cooling.

Global MOU endorser @ScaniaGroup is working with the Gotland Region in Sweden to transition to fossil-free operations.

6 Scania #ElectricTrucks will be deployed to uphold their goal of making all transports #ClimateNeutral by 2040.

The U.S. is the latest country to pass the critical #EV adoption tipping point, showing that 5% of new car sales are #Electric.

If the U.S. continues this trend, it can be estimated that a quarter of new cars could be #ElectricVehicles by the end of 2025.

MANN & ABB appeared with the German Transport Minister to show the #ElectricTruck the company plans to release in 2024.

MAN's #Electric truck already has the prerequisites for future megawatt charging, which ABB e-mobility plans to roll out soon.

Chinese carmaker SAIC is working to develop new batteries with a range of over 1,000 km to help meet performance demands.

SAIC wants to use solid- state batteries in an #Electric model as early as next year.

New incentives from @AirResources are available to help #fleets with 20 or less trucks transition to #ElectricTrucks.

The ISEF program will provide $25M for a range of solutions that help small fleets with upfront costs and infrastructure.

Canada is investing $550 million over the next 4 years to offset the price of adopting #ElectricTrucks.

The incentives for #MediumDuty and #HeavyDuty #ZeroEmission vehicles program will offer $100,000 - $150,000 per Class 8 truck.

#ZeroEmission transport leader and Global MOU signatory Canada has new incentives for zero-emission trucks and buses.

The $550 million program will help purchasers offset the up-front sticker costs of zero-emission trucks and buses.

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