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100% Zero-Emission New Truck and Bus Sales & Manufacturing by 2040

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CALSTART’s Drive to ZeroTM program and campaign aims to accelerate the growth of global zero- and near-zero-emission (ZE) commercial vehicle space, with the aim of ZE technology becoming commercially competitive by 2025 and dominant by 2040 in specific vehicle segments and regions. Drive to Zero is built upon a technology strategy for change called The Beachhead Strategy — a strategy that identifies the commercial vehicle market segments where zero- and near-zero technologies are most likely to succeed and help drive growth in other segments.

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The demand for #ElectricBuses is significantly growing throughout Europe.

With the latest order from Hamburg of 53 all-electric buses, they join the 700 MAN buses that have already been ordered.

Europe is making great strides to #Drive2zero

The Biden administration's bipartisan $5B Clean School Bus program is chipping away at pollutants kids breathe in during their ride to school.

A child who rides the bus 30 minutes to and from school would be exposed to diesel exhaust for 180 hours a year.

Vermont U.S., is working towards cleaner transportation with the addition of 2 #Electric transit buses.

Taking 2 diesel buses off the road will offset about 15,660 gallons a year, #GreenHouseGas reduction equivalent of taking about 46 cars off the road.

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#EV Fleet Day in San Diego Cali. recently had #MediumDuty and #HeavyDuty vehicles from #Electric school buses to big rig trucks on display.

This show gave customers the tools and information needed to make the switch to #ElectricVehicles and #DrivetoZero

Don't miss our ITF event Thursday May 19th at 16:30 CET

There will be #Interactive workshops that will allow you to share and discuss questions with frontrunning countries, regions, cities and businesses and expand your transport network.

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Nevada has signed with 16 other U.S. states work towards advancing and accelerating the market for #Electric #MediumDuty and #HeavyDuty vehicles.

The goal of the MOU is to transition 100% of medium and heavy duty vehicles to #ZeroEmission by 2050.

A benefit of signing the #DriveToZero Global MOU is access to expertise on achieving the outlined goals.

Our first Thematic Deep Dive covers technology readiness & economics for different #ZeroEmission tech on Apr 26!

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Massachusetts Senate has passed a bill to achieve net #ZeroEmissions by 2050.

The new Drive Act will enforce by 2028 all new buses and cars be #Electric

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