ISGAN Awards 2019 – Webinar on 17 September

The next webinar in the ISGAN Academy introduces you to local integrated energy systems:

  • Open Micro Grid Project of Korea Electric Power Corporation. A microgrid is an eco-friendly local energy grid with control capabilities, which means it can be connected to external grids, or operate autonomously. KEPCO has successfully completed a microgrid demonstration project in Gasa Island and Sinan districts that harness renewable energy resources in convergence with ESS.
  • RIGRID – Rural Intelligent Grid Project. The planning of net zero energy system (NZES) requires a holistic view. All energy forms need to be considered simultaneously. A new planning tool for NZES is based on the multi-energy system (MES) concept. It considers economic, social and energy criteria.


  • Mr. Kim, HyungSu (Senior Manager, Korea Electric Power Corporation)
  • Mr. Bartlomiej Arendarski (Dr.-Ing., Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF


The webinar will use Adobe Connect. Sound will be broadcast over the internet. If you are a first-time attendee, please check the system requirements that we’ll send you in the confirmation email.