Landmark Zero-Emissions Government Fleet Declaration announced in Pittsburgh

electric vehicles initiative

Pittsburgh, 23 September, 2022: The CEM’s Electric Vehicle Initiative’s (EVI) Zero Emission Government Fleet Declaration was announced at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum (13th Clean Energy Ministerial) in Pittsburgh on 23rd September 2022. Supporting governments commit to significantly reducing carbon and air pollutant emissions from vehicles and catalysing the clean transportation economy by accelerating the introduction and adoption of zero-emission vehicles, in all vehicle classes, in their own fleets.

The signatory governments at the time of the announcement were Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States. Other governments who have strong domestic zero-emissions vehicles policies are welcome to join the declaration.

The signatories will aim at 100 percent zero-emission light-duty vehicle acquisitions of our civil government owned and operated fleet – and aspire towards 100 percent zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle acquisitions – by no later than 2035.

The signatories will also aim to procure zero-emission light-duty vehicles when operating abroad as far as possible and to work with other actors, such as subnational governments and private organizations, to echo our commitment and spearhead a short-term shift towards zero-emission fleets (bus, taxis, municipal and corporate fleets).

Learn more about the Electric Vehicle Initiative here.

Download the complete Declaration below (with updated text).