Now Hiring Two Positions in CEM Secretariat

 3 March 2022

The CEM Secretariat is looking to hire two new roles to support the CEM community on its goal to supercharge the clean energy transition– together. 

The two positions are: 

  • Workstreams Manager 
  • Deputy Head of CEM Secretariat 

Location: Paris, France
Application deadline: 23 March 2022
Languages: English required, other languages from CEM member countries is an advantage 

How to Apply 

Click here to submit your application to the workstreams manager role.

Click here to submit your application to the Deputy Head of Secretariat role. 

About the Deputy Head of CEM Secretariat Role 

We are looking for a friendly, dynamic, and effective individual from a CEM Member country to join us as Deputy Head of the Secretariat. This is a small, friendly, hardworking, and flexible team that puts a premium on looking out for, and after, one another. The chosen candidate will become an integral member of our team (around 10 people), reporting directly to the Head of Secretariat, and working closely with all team members to design and deliver the CEM Secretariat’s strategic agenda. As Deputy Head of the Secretariat, they will take on management responsibilities, as well as responsibilities relating to the development, mentoring, and wellbeing of the team.

Main Responsibilities

Leadership and Strategy

  • Deputy leader of the CEM Secretariat team, and leadership figure within the CEM’s global community.
  • Counsel and support the Head of Secretariat in all duties and responsibilities.Participate in the strategic leadership and planning of the Secretariat’s work.
  • Oversee the Secretariat’s work supporting the development, delivery, and review of CEM workstreams (Initiatives and Campaigns).
  • Work with the CEM community (governments, international organisations, companies, think tanks, etc.) to ensure that all CEM workstreams are aligned with its mission, supported to achieve their goals, and designed/resourced to attain their full potential.


  • Support the management and delivery of the CEM’s resourcing strategy (human and financial).
  • Manage the CEM Secretariat workstream leads, applying excellent organisational skills to ensure the design and delivery of a high-impact programme of multilateral clean energy workstreams.
  • Motivate a multinational, dynamic, and results-oriented team, acting as a role model and mentor to all. Proactively foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, mutual respect, support, and professionalism.
  • Ensure that the highest principles of propriety are followed in all aspects of the CEM’s work.

Representation and Liaison

  • Represent the CEM to a high standard in a wide variety of CEM and non-CEM fora, engaging effectively with senior public and private stakeholders in international meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Be a visible and positive presence across the CEM’s international community, building a network of strong stakeholder relationships.
  • Shape and contribute to a friendly, supportive, and proactive culture across the CEM community.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Academic Background

  • Advanced university degree(s) in a relevant discipline, such as energy policy, international relations, political sciences, science, engineering, business administration, economics, or a related field.

Professional Background

  • Extensive relevant experience (i.e. 8 or more years) at a middle-senior management level in clean energy or a closely related field.
  • Experience or proven capability to advance a large, complex agenda in the multilateral government-led environment.
  • Proven ability to engage as a credible peer with international clean energy thought leaders and decision makers, shaping and delivering the future energy agenda, consistent with achieving countries net zero and other policy goals.
  • Excellent management, organisational/planning, and delivery skills, including delivering autonomously, as part of a team, and through others.
  • Evidence that shows an understanding of the multilateral energy or climate environment, as well as how national governments work.
  • Capabilities and experience in budgetary processes and fundraising from governments, foundations, and/or industry would be an asset.
  • Excellent drafting, communication, and stakeholder management skills.
  • Proven ability to lead or working effectively in a small, diverse team.


  • An excellent written and oral command of English. Good working knowledge of French or other CEM-member languages an advantage.

Core Competencies

About the Workstreams Manager Role

We are looking for a friendly, dynamic, and effective individual from a CEM Member country to join the CEM Secretariat as a Workstreams Manager. This is a small, friendly, hardworking, flexible team that puts a premium on looking out for, and after, one another. The chosen candidate will become an integral member of our small team (around 10 people), working closely with all team members and the CEM’s global clean energy community.

Each CEM Workstream Manager works with member countries and partners as part of the leadership team for several clean energy workstreams. They are active in the design development, management, delivery, tracking, and evaluation of these workstreams. While always working closely with the CEM community, the candidate will have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility to proactively advance their workstreams towards achieving the CEM’s mission and the workstreams goals. The role would be best suited to someone with a strong background in clean energy, from either a policy, analytical, or international collaboration background.

Main Responsibilities

Workstream Leadership

  • Lead on several CEM clean energy workstreams, as part of a small group of workstream managers that are collectively responsible for the CEM’s clean energy work programme (currently constituting more than 20 active workstreams). Work on all aspects of workstream development, delivery, and evaluation, in close collaboration with the workstream co-lead countries, coordinators, and participants.
  • As part of a CEM workstream leadership group, design and deliver an action programme to ensure it achieves the CEM’s mission and the workstreams goals. Ensure that each workstream has in place six key traits that can enable success – clear goals and targets, well-defined work programme, clear outputs and deliverables, proactive leadership, strong coordinator, active participants, and sufficient resources.
  • Together with other CEM workstream managers, own and maintain the overall policy and operational framework that shapes and guides all workstreams. This includes the guidance and processes that govern many aspects of their operational life of a CEM workstream.
  • Bring strong clean energy subject knowledge and thought leadership to the CEM community, together with a proactive attitude that always seeks to move clean energy transitions forward faster. Survey the clean energy landscape and spot new strategic opportunities.

Engagement and Outreach

  • Build strong, trusting relationships with CEM workstream co-lead countries, partners, and participants, as well as excellent networks in the global clean energy community. Leverage these relationships to advance your workstreams and the CEM’s wider work programme.
  • Be the CEM Secretariat’s lead Point of Contact for several member governments, advancing a strategic and operational agenda that aligns their priorities and CEM objectives.
  • Assist the Head of Secretariat in continuous outreach to a multitude of partners and accordingly taking a proactive role in the presentation of the CEM’s work and further potential impact in meetings, events or conferences in international fora or at the corporate boardroom level.

Ministerial and Other Major Meetings

  • Support the successful delivery of the CEM’s ministerial and global assembly meetings, as well as workstream and country engagement meetings.
  • Help ensure effective coordination and strategic alignment across all aspects of the CEM’s work.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Academic Background

  • Advanced university degree(s) or equivalent in relevant disciplines, such as international relations, political sciences, energy policy, economics, business, science, engineering, or related field.

Professional Background

  • From three to five years’ relevant clean energy experience, ideally in an international collaboration or international policy setting. Strong clean energy subject knowledge and the capacity to provide thought leadership in the CEM community.
  • Deep knowledge of working in the international energy domain and proven capability to develop international coalitions. The ability to quickly develop a comprehensive knowledge of the CEM’s work, both technically and politically.
  • A proactive nature coupled with excellent organisational skills. A “can do” attitude backed up by the ability to work autonomously, demonstrated by a strong track record of delivery.
  • Excellent stakeholder management, networking, and diplomacy skills. A proven ability to build effective international relationships across the public and private sector, harnessing them effectively to achieve clean energy goals.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and an ability to produce high quality written work to short deadlines.
  • A strong support for diverse, incluse team, coupled with a proven ability to establish and maintain harmonious and effective working relations within them.


  • An excellent written and oral command of English. Good knowledge of other language(s) would be an advantage.

Core competencies

About the Clean Energy Ministerial

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) brings together the world’s leading countries, companies, and experts to achieve one mission – accelerate clean energy transitions. It is about “international collaboration in action”, seeking to deliver faster, cheaper, better clean energy transitions for all. The CEM is an international clean energy leadership and collaboration platform, with its 29 members[1] at the heart of an extensive global clean energy community. The community is working to supercharge the scale and breadth of clean energy transitions, working across all sectors and all of society. More specifically, the CEM serves as:

  • A platform for its community to shape the global clean energy agenda and accelerate the deployment of clean energy solutions.
  • A forum for exchanging knowledge and insights, building networks and partnership, and facilitating coordinated actions on clean energy.
  • An implementation vehicle that helps its global community achieve their clean energy goals.

The CEM currently has a programme of more than twenty active workstreams that span the clean energy spectrum, as well as an annual ministerial meeting that brings its global community together to showcase action and increase ambition.