CEM Campaign reaches new milestone – 1 billion LED lights

CEM’s Campaign “Global Lighting Challenge” reaches 1 billion LED lights

The Clean Energy Ministerial’s campaign “Global Lighting Challenge” has reached a new milestone this week as Philips Lighting delivered 1 billion LED lamps and luminaires. 

‘Global Lighting Challenge’is a campaign to deploy ten billion high-efficiency light points to improve energy efficiency around the world. 

Philips Lighting is the first company to reach this milestone, which marks the latest progress in the global transition to energy-efficient lighting, a vital measure in slowing climate change. 

“This milestone demonstrates that we can successfully drive the transition from conventional lighting technologies to LED, which can make a significant contribution to global climate change objectives. Energy efficiency is the low hanging fruit – today, energy efficiency improves by about 1.5% every year but simply doubling this to 3% per year would set us on a sustainable path,” said Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public and Government Affairs at Philips Lighting.

A simple switch to LED lamps will result in significant energy savings, and when combined with connected lighting systems these savings are amplified, with the potential to reduce electricity used for lighting by up to 80%.

The 1 billionth LED lamp was presented to a group of representatives from international governmental and non-governmental organizations at a special ceremony in Bonn attended by many influential advocates of environmental change, including representatives from the UN, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Global Environment Facility, as part of the United for Efficiency conference.