CEM’s 21CPP plays integral role in assisting major emerging economies in their power system transformation

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – The Clean Energy Ministerial’s 21st Century Power Partnership (21CPP) plays an integral role in supporting five major emerging economies integrate more renewable energy into their electricity grids.

The 21CPP initiative has been working with India, China, Mexico, South Africa, and Brazil on actions that will help their power systems be more sustainable, secure, and accessible.

21CPP conducted a comprehensive grid integration study in India in collaboration with the Greening the Grid program to build confidence and ambition in that country’s renewable energy target. 21CPP also assisted partners in planning and producing the China Renewable Energy Outlook in 2016 and 2017 to support China’s renewable energy integration and energy system transition.

In Mexico, 21CPP partnered with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation to provide support for the implementation of energy reforms in its electricity sector, including their renewable energy auctions. 21CPP also supported South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan by promoting next-generation modelling practices, sharing global experiences on distributed generation regulation, and assisting the federal government in building a workforce of power system experts.

21CPP is working with Brazil, as the newest member of the initiative, to develop a plan to facilitate their power system transformation.

All of these activities contribute to 21CPP’s broad aim of accelerating the transition to clean, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective power systems. The Partnership continues to work in all of these countries to provide deep technical assistance to support their power system transformation.

Lead CEM members: India, Mexico, United States

CEM member participants: Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, South Africa, Spain

Operating agent: National Renewable Energy Laboratory