Clean Energy Solutions Center Returns To Support Clean Energy Policy Development Worldwide

After a short period of dormancy, the Clean Energy Solutions Center (Solutions Center) has revitalized its programming and recommitted to its three pillars of activities: ask-an-expert services, trainings and peer-to-peer learning, and management of a comprehensive resource library.

The Solutions Center launched as an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) over a decade ago with a mission to help governments, advisors, and analysts create policies and programs that advance the deployment of clean energy technologies.

Since then, the Solutions Center has provided support to more than 400 requests for assistance from more than 90 countries, island nations, and regional organizations around the world. As one of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) longest-running international programs, it also helped forge the blueprint for how institutions from the United States and other developed nations can collaborate with developing countries to overcome common energy-planning challenges.

Passing the Torch

The Solutions Center entered a period of transition in 2021 when its long-time leader at NREL, Victoria Healey, retired. Activities slowed down during the search for someone to fill Healey’s role. Jal Desai, a researcher with NREL’s Accelerated Deployment and Decision Support center, stepped in to manage the program.

“I was interested in the Solutions Center because I relate to its mission personally,” Jal said. “I come from a developing country where energy issues are a major concern and daily point of discussion.”

“Growing up, the reasons for our power crises were always presented as insurmountable. But now, I know there are solutions. It brings a great sense of satisfaction when our work can translate into real-life impacts for people all over the world.”

While Jal leads the Solutions Center’s operations, the program’s overall strategy is guided by two Clean Energy Ministerial member governments: the U.S., represented by the Department of Energy (DOE) and Australia, represented by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water (DCCEEW).

“With this next phase of the Solutions Center, I’m excited to see the evolution in emerging themes that the program can provide insights on, such as energy storage and hydrogen,” said Peta Olesen, director of the Net Zero Innovation, International Climate and Net Zero Pathways Division at DCCEEW, and Solutions Center co-lead.

“The Solutions Center has a great role to play supporting the broader CEM community in disseminating their work and supporting their interface with countries outside of CEM membership,” Peta said.

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