2023 CEM Senior Officials’ Meeting and MI Annual Gathering

From 20 March to 23 March 2023

All Community meeting, CEM Sherpa meeting, CEM Steering Committee, CEM workstream event

20 – 203 March, 2023– This year’s CEM Senior Officials’ meeting will be hosted by the Government of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro the week of 20 March, 2023. This will be the first in-person CEM meeting of 2023 and will bring together the CEM’s senior government officials and partners for a full agenda of events designed to:

Reunite, strengthen, and energise our global CEM community through an interactive, insightful, and impactful in-person meeting,
Identify and advance practical actions that help achieve the CEM’s mission, CEM3.0 strategy, and the goals of our CEM workstreams against the shifting energy landscape, and
Mobilise our global community to bring their boldest actions and best collective efforts to ensure that the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial in Goa is a huge success.
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Block Agenda — FINAL as of 07 March

Side Event Agendas — Updated 10 March

Monday, 20 March 08:00 – 09:00

EiET: Gender Gaps in the Energy Sector: Roadblocks for an Inclusive Clean Energy Transition

Closed- Door: CEM Industrial Workstreams Meeting (CCUS, H2I, IDDI) Please contact if you are a lead government interested in participating in this session.

Closed- Door: Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC) Annual Planning Meeting

SEAD: Business models to ensure large scale deployment of energy efficient cooling and heating equipment [ Click here to Register and Click here to watch live ]

Monday, 20 March 16:45 – 17:45

Clean Energy Marine Hubs

Closed-Door: IDDI: Industrial Decarbonisation and Brazil Roundtable Please contact if you are interested in participating in this session.

Transforming Solar Supply Chains: Solar Manufacturing in Latin America

LTES: Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition: Insights from the Long-Term Energy Scenario Initiative and Network

RGEI: Regional and Global Energy Interconnection Session

Tuesday, 21 March 08:00 – 09:00

COP28: Cooling Pledge Consultation

Closed-door: Hydrogen Leadership Meeting Please contact if you are interested in participating in this session.

Closed-door: CEM/MI Joint Steering Committee Meeting

BFI: Collaboration between Initiatives and Missions on Bioresources

Tuesday, 21 March 11:45 – 12:45

Breakthrough Agenda: The Future of Climate Collaboration

Closed-door: Transforming Solar Supply Chains: Leadership Meeting

EPI: Policy experiences on sustainable lifestyles for a just transition

CEM Power Workstreams: Transmission planning and operation: getting more with less

Biofuture Campaign — Future Fuels

Tuesday, 21 March 14:30 – 15:30

Latin American Regional Energy Transition

Hydrogen Breakthrough Roundtable Discussion

CEM Power Workstreams: Action plans rapid decarbonization of power sectors in Latin America and Europe

Steel Breakthrough Roundtable — delivering the 2023 priority actions

Closed-door: Biofuture Initiative Workshop

Tuesday, 21 March 15:45 – 16:45

Power Breakthrough Roundtable — delivering the 2023 priority actions

Closed-door: NICE Future Annual planning meeting

Closed-door: Biofuture Initiative Workshop

EPI: Jobs and Skills for an Inclusive Clean Energy Transition

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