A Fair Energy Transition with the Right Skills: Experience from the Clean Energy Ministerial Empowering People Initiative

20 June 2023


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The session will explore fairness aspects of the clean energy transition, focusing on the skills dimension as an enabling condition for net quality job creation, while addressing employment, economic and social implications, as well as international cooperation. It will bring together European and international actors involved in the fair energy transition to inform and debate about the experiences of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM)-Empowering People Initiative. Two angles will be explored during the debate:

  1. How policies, measures and initiatives on skills, workforce diversity and inclusion have evolved and performed during recent years, how these can be shared as good examples with relevant actors in an effective way, and how local, regional, national and sectoral specificities can be included.
  2. How to ensure that vulnerable consumers and citizens most impacted by the transition can be empowered, allowing them to benefit from opportunities that the energy transition will bring, including by enabling behavioural changes at all levels of society.