International Hydrogen Landscapes: Hydrogen and Analytical Tools Workshop Series

From 17 April to 17 April 2024



Hydrogen has become a buzz word in the energy sector and is often described as “the fuel of the future”, with potential to both decarbonize domestic energy consumption and serve as an export commodity. Many countries are taking steps toward accelerating the nascent industry, but potential implementation is still hard to assess and reliant on future price reductions as well as international market enabling conditions.     

The multi-part Hydrogen and Analytical Tools Workshop Series, presented by the Clean Energy Solutions Center, will examine the potential benefits and tradeoffs of hydrogen development and the key factors to consider when making strategy, policy, and investment decisions about the future of hydrogen and its derivatives.     

The fifth installation will cover international actions for policy and regulatory enabling conditions required to support a hydrogen-based industry including environmental and social considerations, as well as certification, technical standards, handling, and safety. This session will discuss these themes in the realm of international dialogue and exchange and how international exchange translates to developing international standards based on national considerations. 

Speakers include: 

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