RGEI: NextGen Highways — Enabling the Future of Tranportation

23 June 2022



The 27th of RGEI Webinar Series Under the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM)


Presenter: Dr. Putnam

Dr. Putnam spent the first fifteen years of his career working in the solar industry before transitioning to transportation electrification at the start of 2020. His accomplishments include developing financial products that have supported over 350 MW of solar deployment, advancing the interconnection process for distributed solar assets, modeling high-penetration renewable futures via the MN Solar Pathways project, and raising over $8 million in private and public funding to support new product development. Currently, Morgan is the head of NGI Consulting, a consulting company he formed at the start of 2020 to focus on the grid integration challenges that will arise from transportation electrification. Morgan holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Caltech. His thesis focused on the development of nextgeneration solar cells and led to a venture-backed startup. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.