RGEI Webinar: Clean Energy Status and Prospects in Fiji and the Oceania Region

25 May 2022


The Oceania also referred to as Pacific Small Islands Developing States (PSIDS) are surrounded by vast ocean.
These countries are very vulnerable due to their location, size and small economies. Devastating impacts of
climate change takes a huge toll on these small countries. Many of these countries are still struggling to provide
access to electricity and the volatile fuel price is making it too difficult. As a result, these countries have been
striving towards clean and renewable energy options. This presentation provides an overview of the location and characteristics of the PSIDS together with the threats induced by climate crisis. Then the renewable energy status of the Oceania/PSIDS and Fiji over the last 10 years will be discussed. The options and opportunities that PSIDS have been working towards as well as the key challenges will also be highlighted in this presentation.


Presenter: Dr. Ramendra Prasad

Dr Ramendra Prasad is a Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Physics and Energy modelling and forecasting at the University of Fiji. He is also the Head of Science Department. He has a BSc (Mathematics & Physics); MSc in Physics from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji and Ph.D. in Modelling and Simulations from University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Ramendra has over 10 years of university teaching/administration experience, has published 5 book chapters and more than 35 articles in peer reviewed journals. He has also made more than 10 seminar presentations in a number of countries. He has co-managed a European Commission funded project: Renewable Energy in the Pacific: Developing Skills and Capacity (EPIC) from 2013-2016. His research interests include modelling and simulations, energy modelling, energy management, ocean wave modelling, advanced machine learning approaches, advanced data analytics, environmental and atmospheric modelling.