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Carolina Aguayo Maturana

Head of the Firewood Unit

Energy Efficiency Division, Ministry of Energy of Chile

Carolina Aguayo Maturana is Forestry Engineer from the University of Chile, Chile, and a Specialist in Renewable Energies from the University of Valladolid, Spain. Her career has focused on the sustainable use of the Chile’s biomass, and she has specialized in the wood industry for over seven years. She has participated proactively in the technical advising of traders and producers of firewood in the southcentral Chile. Carolina has also coordinated a variety of projects related to the proper use of firewood and the issues related to the energy that it delivers. She is the Head of the Firewood Unit at the Division of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Energy of Chile, where her main focus is on developing initiatives to promote the development of energy efficiency measures in the use of firewood and its derivatives for heating. The main purposes of her unit are to develop the fuelwood market and to coordinate efforts between the various government and private sectors with a comprehensive and territorial approach.