Long-term Scenarios for the Energy Transition

longterm Energy Secnarios


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The Long-term Scenarios for the Clean Transition (LTES) Initiative, formerly known as the LTES Campaign, aims to promote the improved use of long-term model-based energy scenarios to support and accelerate the energy transition among CEM countries.
The initiative is co-led by the Danish and German governments and supported by additional country members and technical partners, while IRENA executes the initiative as the coordinator.
Launched at the Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM9) in May 2018 in Copenhagen as a CEM campaign, it was agreed in 2021 by CEM, Germany, Denmark, and IRENA to upgrade it to the LTES Initiative to make it a long-term workstream with broadened activities.


The LTES Initiative seeks to promote the improved use of long-term model-based energy scenarios by:

  • Sharing country experience in the use and benefits of long-term energy scenario modelling for national and regional policy planning,
  • Showcasing innovative scenario approaches and modelling methods for addressing clean energy transition features,
  • and Identifying channels to build and enhance national capacity for clean energy transition planning and to share with countries with limited experience.




Since 2018, LTES have organized multiple series of events to exchange experiences and best practices for long-term energy scenarios that support the clean energy transition.

Additional information

2022 Berlin Energy Transition: Insights from net-zero LTES for national energy planning

2022 Webinar Series on Long-term energy scenarios for developing national energy transition plans in Africa

2021 3rd International Forum on Long-term Energy Scenarios for the Clean Energy Transition: The role of long-term energy scenarios (LTES) in achieving net-zero commitments 

2021 Webinar Series on Long-term energy scenarios for developing national clean energy transition plans in latin America 

2021 Webinar Series on National Experiences in Long Term Energy Scenario Use and Development 

2018- 2019 Webinar Series on Long-term Energy Scenarios 
For a full list of past events, visit IRENA’s LTES Event page.




The LTES Initiative works to synthesize the 100+ topics and good practice examples discussed in its events and webinars into timely reports that facilitate international debate and guide national policy-making.

Additional information

2021: Benchmarking Scenario Comparisons: Key Indicators for the Clean Energy Transition IRENA_JRC_Benchmarking_Scenario_Comparisons_2021.pdf 

2020: Scenarios for the Energy Transition: Global Experience and Best Practices


2019: LTES for the Clean Energy Transition


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