Clean Energy Economy and Workforce Preparation: IPEC Solution Summits

Empowering People Initiative (EPI) hosted a series of four virtual convenings under the newly launched project entitled Integrated Policymaking and Empowering Communications for the Clean Energy Economy and Workforce (IPEC). The series is making it easier for governments to develop more holistic and integrated workforce and green economy policies and programs, and overcome fragmented approaches to workforce formation between the relevant ministries. Participants from national governmental offices for energy, education, employment and labor, industry, economic development, and social affairs and well-being are invited. The project is open to all countries. Allied stakeholders from industry, labor, nonprofits, education and local governments are also invite to help accelerate solutions implementation. Join over 100 countries that have already signed up.

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1st Solution Summit: March 2023

We recommend attendees complete these next steps. You can easily find all the items by going to

  • Share Policies and Programs: Fill in your country’s policies/programs sharing form. You can ask others to help by using similar language to “I have been asked to fill out this form about our government’s policies and programs related to workforce development for a clean energy transition. Would you please help fill in this form with clean energy workforce policies and programs? Also, who else should I ask to help fill in the form?” Also invite them to the next summit – see above item.
  • Share Barriers and Suggestions: Use this form. This information will be kept anonymous.
  • Network: Join the listserv (“ask to join” button at top) and the LinkedIn group to communicate and share resources outside of the summits.
  • Resources: Review the resources sheet.
  • Slide Presentation: You can access the slides from the first summit here

2nd Solution Summit: April 2023

We had a very productive session. Over 140 people attended live. Many sectors, perspectives, and solutions were shared, including:

As always, all resources for this project are accessible at (or this direct link if your browser blocks redirects). This link includes folders with:

We encourage you to continue to collaborate with other event attendees and registrants on our LinkedIn group and our Google email listserv to post questions and find additional resources and solutions that may work for you.

3rd Solution Summit: June 2023

At the recent summits, people from over 100 countries registered. Some of the key ideas from this past event include:

For those unable to attend or for participants wishing to review the session, slides with all links shared during the session are available here

4th Solution Summit: July 2023

We had a very productive Solutions Summit on 6 July. Mr. Arpit Sharma, COO from Skill Council for Green Jobs described India’s massive efforts at clean energy workforce development and shared many global resources and opportunities.

Respondents from international agencies and many countries shared additional resources. The Solution Summit slides with all links shared during the session are available for your use. 

A key next step is to join the virtual global community of practice for an inclusive clean energy workforce.  You can continue collaborating with experts and other attendees. By joining the LinkedIn group, Google email listserv, and Green Learning Network, you can post questions and share additional resources and solutions.