General Motors do Brazil Global Energy Management Implementation Case Study

The São José dos Campos Complex develops the activities of manufacturing motor vehicles, whose direct activities include Vehicle Assembly, Sheet Cutting, Stamping, Assembly of Sub-assemblies by Sheet Metal Welding Process, Painting of Bodywork, Injection and Painting of Plastics, Engine, Transmission and Heads Factory, extending to other indirect structural activities associated with the Plant’s activities. The General Motors, through the establishment of objectives and targets that enable the continuous improvement of its environmental and energy performance, determined a global target of 35% reduction in the MWh/Vehicle metric until the year 2035. They expect to meet this objective through the availability of resources, information, and support for the acquisition of environmentally and energy efficient products and services, aimed at reducing waste and managing the risks and opportunities of environmental aspects, compliance with laws, regulations and other environmental and energy requirements, as well as the prevention of pollution and good communication with all stakeholders.