Industrial Deep Decarbonisation Initiative: Summary of progress and outlook

Since its inception in June 2021 at the 12th meeting of the Clean Energy Ministerial, the Industrial Deep
Decarbonisation Initiative (IDDI) has made great progress in achieving its aim to deliver industrial
decarbonization, starting with the construction sector, by stimulating new demand for low and near zero
emission steel, cement and concrete. To embark upon achieving this ambitious yet crucial aim, the
coalition has sought to first address three key interrelated challenges. The IDDI has since developed a
clearer vision of the actions its signatories could take, not only in overcoming the three primary
obstacles, but in delivering upon its aim more generally.

The purpose of this paper is in part to summarise the progress made by the IDDI thus far and make the
decisions of the initiative transparent, thereby contributing to international discussion on the deep
decarbonization of heavy industry. This stocktaking exercise seeks to contribute to the narrative on
three priority issues selected by the IDDI that could stimulate the creation of a thriving market for low
carbon steel and concrete products. These issues are green public procurement (GPP), low and near zero
emissions material definitions, and embodied carbon data reporting.