The Advanced Nuclear Technologies – a UK framework

The Advanced Nuclear Technologies – a UK framework

At the Clean Energy Ministerial in 2018 the USA, Japan and Canada launched the nuclear innovation initiative – The “Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future” initiative (NICE Future) which aims to:

  1. Explore the role of nuclear in hybrid energy systems and in particular the role Small Modular and Advanced Modular Reactors could perform in energy systems with significant amount renewable generation.
  2. Explore how nuclear is valued in energy economics given that the monetary value of system resilience and reliability is not normally reflected in quoted costs of electricity generation i.e. in £/MWh terms.
  3. Drive stakeholder engagement with policy makers, the public and non-nuclear energy stakeholders.

The aims of the initiative align closely with advanced nuclear policy work being developed within BEIS.

For the UK’s input to the NICE Future initiative at the Clean Energy Ministerial 2019 in Vancouver, BEIS developed a policymakers brochure on the UK’s advanced nuclear journey, noting the key learning points to take away for CEM members. “The Advanced Nuclear Technologies – a UK framework” brochure can be found here.