Flexible nuclear campaign

Flexible Nuclear

This campaign graduated at GCEAF (CEM13/MI7) in 2022 after three successful years. A special thanks to Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United states for leading this work and assisting governments and industries to accelerate power system flexibility and share the revenue opportunities and benefits of nuclear reactors. This work will carry on in the CEM’s Nuclear Initiative, and new campaign focused on the social and economic benefits of nuclear, RISE3.


Flexible nuclear campaign

The objective of this campaign is to provide an understanding of the economic benefits of advanced nuclear to a wide spectrum of participating countries, including the qualitative and quantitative benefits (e.g. $/MW and $/MWh) of nuclear reactors with highly-flexible power output across a range of select power markets.


The key focus is to model the revenue opportunities for flexible nuclear power stations in various parts of the world and communicate the cost and technical performance requirements back to government stakeholders, as well as to design teams responsible for developing advanced generation IV reactors.

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