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Exploring Opportunities for PAYG Solar as a Driver of Financial Inclusion

26 September 2017

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PresentationIntroduction to the webinar and panelists

Presentation—Jem Porcaro: Exploring Opportunities for PAYG Solar as a Driver of Financial Inclusion

Presentation—Daniel Waldron: Digital Finance +

Presentation—Amy Paul and Craig Jolley: Rapid Assessment Framework: Pay-As-You-Go Solar as a Driver of Financial Inclusion

Presentation—Simone Vaccari: Experience in Ghana

TranscriptWebinar audio transcript

EAPN logoThe Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with UN Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), hosted this webinar to highlight the opportunities for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) solar to be a driver of mobile money adoption and introduce a new tool to guide rapid market assessments. The webinar was the second in the UN Foundation’s finance-focused webinar series that highlighted financing challenges and solutions at the cutting edge of the energy access sector.

Many off-grid energy companies offer PAYG business models, allowing poor households to pay off the cost of a solar product by making small payments over a longer period of time. When PAYG companies integrate with a local mobile money service, repayments can be automated. This lowers the cost of repayment for both the company and the customer, minimizes risk to the company as the system can be turned off remotely in the event of nonpayment, and can help customers build credit history that can be used to access additional financing in the future. In more nascent mobile money markets, PAYG solar can create an incentive for clients to open a mobile money account for the first time, simultaneously expanding access to electricity and creating pathways to financial inclusion.

The webinar examined the key factors of a potential PAYG market that may indicate an opportunity to advance both access to energy and financial inclusion. It highlighted the newly developed Rapid Assessment Framework, which identifies key features of the mobile and energy infrastructure for supporting PAYG solar and mobile money adoption.


Jem Porcaro, Senior Director, Energy Access, United Nations Foundation, introduced the topic and provided context to the broader financing webinar series.

Daniel Waldron, Digital Finance Specialist, Consultative Group to Aid the Poor (CGAP), provided an overview of the PAYG sector and its relationship to financial inclusion.

Amy Paul and Craig Jolley, Strategy & Research Advisors, USAID Global Development Lab, introduced and walked through a Rapid Assessment Framework for PAYG solar and mobile money adoption.

Simone Vaccari, Ghana Country Manager, PEG Ghana, shared a PAYG provider’s perspective on business approaches that drive mobile money adoption.

The presentations were followed by a moderated conversation among the experts and provided an opportunity for in-depth discussion with attendees on specific questions around identifying new markets where PAYG solar can drive mobile money adoption and contribute to financial inclusion objectives.

The hashtag #PNwebinar was used on social media during the webinar.