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Finding New Synergies between Water and Energy

8 May 2018

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PresentationIntroduction to the webinar and panelists

Presentation—Maha N. Haji: Integrated Pumped Hydro Reverse Osmosis Systems (IPHROS)

Presentation—Neal Aronson: Proposed Project for Pitiquitos in Sonora, Mexico

OAS logoThe OAS, MIT and the Clean Energy Solutions Center convened this webinar to spark a dialogue on ways to integrate existing proven technologies into sustainable systems that can provide access to fresh water, generate green electricity and manage renewable energy intermittency.

ECPA logoMIT presented its concept of an integrated pumped hydro reverse osmosis system (IPHROS). Oceanus Power & Water LLC shared its experience with building an integrated system in Mexico. And, the Clean Energy Solutions Center elaborated on its strategies to help governments design and adopt policies and programs that support the deployment of clean energy technologies through its Ask an Expert service.

The webinar was convened under the auspices of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, an initiative geared towards promoting regional energy cooperation for achieving a cleaner, safer, efficient, modern and fair energy deployment. The Organization of American States operates the Partnership’s Technical Coordination Unit.