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Policies for Large-Scale PV

7 March 2019 to 5 May 2019

The following webinars were—or will be—presented as part of the first module of an eight-module expert training course for decision makers, practitioners and engineers delivered by the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

Basic Auction Design for Low-cost Renewable Energy Procurement

27 April 2019

In this session, the trainer offers information on basic auction design for low-cost renewable energy procurement.

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From Low-cost Procurement to High Value Renewable Energy

26 April 2019

In this session, the trainer describes the different policy objectives related to renewable energy deployment and how they can be built into auction design. The session covers policy design options for location-specific auctions and building socioeconomic criteria into auctions.

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Corporate Solar PV Adoption: Case Studies from Developing Countries

7 March 2019

In this session, the discussion focuses on the rise of corporate power purchase agreements (PPA), how they work and what their main drivers are. Viewer will learn where corporate PPAs are being used in jurisdictions around the world and will gain an understanding of the advantages, opportunities and challenges of corporate PPAs.

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Concentrating Solar Power

5 May 2018

This session considers the global status and market trends of concentrated solar power as well as current undertakings in research and development.

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