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Renewables Tagger: A New Climate Tagger Feature, Developed by IRENA and REEEP

27 September 2016

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), hosted this webinar on the Renewables Tagger.

The Renewables Tagger is a new and specialized version of the well-established Climate Tagger, a suite of software tools strengthening and uniting knowledge and data on climate change and development issues. The Renewables Tagger applies automated tagging to unstructured online content. The result is a streamlined knowledge system, with key renewable energy terminologies and concepts being recognized and attached to relevant textual information. Developed as a joint project between IRENA and REEEP, the new feature relies on an extensive purpose-built Renewable Energy Thesaurus.

Webinar participants learned about the Renewables Tagger, the knowledge system behind the tool and how the new content, created with the input of domain experts, can significantly improve their knowledge management.

The webinar included the presentation of use cases and advice to potential users of this free tool. And, presentations were followed by a Q&A session with the audience.


  • Stephanie Weckend, IRENA Programme Officer, Knowledge, KPFC, will give an introduction to IRENA and its knowledge management work. Stephanie will also explain why the Renewables Tagger is important, and give a short overview on the REsource platform.
  • Florian Bauer, Director of Open Knowledge at REEEP, will give an overview of REEEP and how Linked Open Data supports its activities.
  • Denise Recheis, Climate Tagger Product Manager at REEEP, will focus on the technical background. She will also be happy to assist those interested in integrating the tool into their web platforms.


Florian Bauer<br />
” class=”webinar-portrait” />Florian Bauer</h6>
<p>Florian Bauer is currently serving as REEEP’s COO and Director of the “Open Knowledge Programme”. This includes the management of the “Climate Knowledge Brokers Group” (a group of more than 150 leading knowledge brokers in the international climate sector) as well as REEEP’s knowledge tools such as (a leading linked open data clean energy information portal) and the Climate Tagger (a tool to automatically tag unstructured content and connect it with similar content on other websites). Florian also co-authored the books Linked Open Data: The Essentials and The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto, and he is active in a consulting role in Open Data and Linked Open Data in the international development and climate change community. Prior to joining REEEP, Florian worked as a Project Manager and Consultant for Siemens Austria, where he gained experience in managing intercultural projects, and founded a web design company in Austria. Florian obtained a Master’s Degree in IT-Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology.</p>
<h6><img decoding=Stephanie Weckend

Stephanie Weckend is the Programme Officer, Knowledge at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Since January 2014, she has been working in IRENA’s Knowledge Unit where she focuses on data and information management. Her activities include the Knowledge Gateway-REsource, data dissemination and statistical analysis. Previously, Ms. Weckend was employed at the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Montreal, Canada where she was the Managing Director of the Regional Office Quebec & Eastern Canada. In this position, she led the Chamber’s team on the environment and climate and worked on political and economic related issues related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change. Stephanie Weckend has a Bachelors in Political Sciences from Sciences Po Paris and two Masters, one in Finance and Strategy from Sciences Po Paris and one in Environmental Studies from McGill University with a focus on Environmental Assessment.

Denise Recheis

Denise Recheis has been working as Knowledge Manager at REEEP since 2010. Her current main role is Product Manager for Climate Tagger, and over the last few years, she has been working to develop the tool through several collaboration projects, and build the extensive Clean Energy and Climate Thesaurus with the input of domain experts. Denise also blogs for and has co-authored several papers and publications focussing on Linked Open Data and its applications in the clean energy and climate arena. Denise went to school and college in the UK, where she studied media before settling in Vienna to obtain a diploma in Renewable Energy Engineering. Before joining REEEP, Denise travelled and worked in Europe and Asia, gaining experience in a wide range of fields. This background has deepened her understanding of the cultural, technical and environmental challenges of our time.