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The Future of Solar Policy

24 January 2019 to 8 October 2019

The following webinars were—or will be—presented as part of the first module of an eight-module expert training course for decision makers, practitioners and engineers delivered by the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

Introduction to Solar Subsidies

24 January 2019

Information in this webinar covers the history of renewable energy subsidies and the various forms of subsidies that exist. It also examines how subsidies have changed over time, the decline of solar energy costs and the future of renewable energy subsidies.

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Subsidy-free Solar

24 September 2019

The information presented in this training session focuses on the trend towards subsidy-free solar and how it impacts different markets.

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Virtual Net Metering and Wheeling

6 August 2019

In this session, you will gain an understanding of how virtual net metering and wheeling work in the context of energy networks. You will learn about the benefits of these technologies and practices, and how such applications support the growth of solar PV energy. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate the current state of play.

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Peer to Peer and Blockchain

7 August 2019

In this training, you will learn about peer to peer and blockchain and how these practices apply and support a growth in solar PV energy markets. You will gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges of widespread uptake of these technologies and learn from analysis of actual case studies.

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The Future of Solar Policy

7 August 2019

This session covers the history of solar energy policy, and it presents the challenges and market realities that are shaping the future of solar policy and renewable energy policy more broadly. The trainer lays out different pathways that the future of solar policy could take and defines the impacts of near-zero marginal cost on electricity markets.

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PV Technology: Costing and Finance Models in Developing Environments

8 October 2019

This session provides an overview of the investment setting for solar PV projects in developing environments and the finance mechanisms used to fund these projects. The expert narrator provides information on cost and tariff structures associated with solar PV at varying scales.

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