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Transport Readiness for and Access to Climate Finance

17 September 2013

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Presentation: Introduction to the webinar and panelists

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In this webinar—which was part a webinar series on planning and financing sustainable, low-carbon urban transportation—our presenter, David Leipziger of EMBARQ and the Climate and Energy Program (CEP), addressed:

  • The appropriate framework for preparing for climate finance in the transport sector
  • How to access climate finance opportunities and how to address challenges
  • The step-by-step process to accessing climate resources


David LeipzigerDavid Leipziger, Transport and Climate Fellow, EMBARQ and CEP

David Leipziger is a Transport and Climate Fellow with the EMBARQ and CEP programs. His role analyzing the financing strategies and implementation of sustainable transportation initiatives in developing countries aims to bridge the gap between transport policy and climate change mitigation. He focuses in particular on private sector investment in low-carbon transport systems. Prior to joining WRI, David worked for the Institute for Market Transformation, a DC-based think tank concerned with market-based solutions to energy efficiency in the building sector. He managed research and program activities dedicated to assessing and stimulating demand for low-carbon buildings. David’s research has been published by the Urban Land Institute, World Energy Engineering Congress, and European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. He has previously worked in architecture and urban development in Washington, D.C., and Curitiba, Brazil.