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Course on Regulation and Sustainable Energy in Developing Countries (Leonardo ENERGY)

1 December 2011 to 19 April 2012

In this series of 10 webinars from Leonardo Energy conducted in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Center, the speakers explore a variety of regulations and policies that can mobilize deployment of clean energy technologies. In the first two webinars, the speakers discuss renewable energy and rural electrification policies as well as the regulatory and institutional frameworks required to enable these markets. Sessions 3 and 4 cover feed-tariff policy design, including how to set the correct level of the tariff, select technologies to support, analyze potential grid integration issues. The speakers also compare existing FIT policies. The next two sessions, Sessions 5 and 6 look at other support mechanisms and policies to encourage renewable energy development, such as green certificates, renewable portfolio standards, fiscal incentives, tax measures, and other examples. The final four sessions, Sessions 7 through 10 examine energy efficiency in development countries, standards and white certificates, energy service companies, energy efficiency audits, and related topics. Learn more.